Manages stress and psychosocial risk interactive

Encrypted and secure for anonymity and privacy

Reduces stress factors at its core

Raises awareness and personal responsibility to enhance self-management

Supports in the conduct of risk assessment

Serves as a basis for continuous improvement process

Promotes awareness and personal responsibility of employees

Generates a healthy corporate culture on a long-term basis

Stressbook is an interactive web application supporting companies and their employees to prevent and manage psycosocial risks and stress. Anonymized reports provide insights for the design of improvment messures creating added value for a lasting healthy corporate culture.

Detect and capture stress factors

Solution-oriented and easy to use

Raises mindfullness, awareness

Company-wide instrument for stress diagnosis and risk assessments

1. Record

Identify and record your stress situation. Enter a brief description, reaction and stress level

2. Solution Plan

Develop solutions and set up your plan

3. Evaluation

Evaluate your progress